Björn Fahlén


This book is well structured and has solid advice on the whys and the hows to assess a company for equity investment purposes. It is presented in a simple way, but you need to do some hard work of research to build conviction and maintain it in the face of uncertainty. Not only that, but it is also loaded with golden nuggets.

The time-intensive nature of interviewing a network of experts including the management seems a bit outside the scope of the average retail investor, but still a necessity to invest with high confidence and conviction. This is where the true value lies, as Fahlén explains himself in the book. That said, I still think that the framework explained in this book will be of great help to Do It Yourself investors with some basic knowledge in company accounting and valuation.

I've no doubt that this book will make me better at researching a company. For anyone not employing a checklist - Fahlén’s checklist provides a great template to success. I wish I had read this book years ago - a truly rare thing indeed!

Amazon Customer

Blurbs from highly regarded authors and investors

”I cannot recommend this book enough. This is so much more than another How To Invest book. On top of great investment nuggets, it is also a reference work worth keeping at your desk for a continuous accumulation of knowledge over the course of an investor´s career.”

Henrik Andersson
Fund Manager Didner & Gerge Fonder

” This is a treasure trove of practical insights on how to understand the qualitative dynamics and future potential of a business. By following the investment checklist provided in the book investors can focus on the big picture while ensuring that nothing is missed. No investor’s bookshelf is complete without it.”

John Mihaljevic
Chairman, MOI Global

”In investing, fortune favors the prepared mind. This book provides a comprehensive framework for this preparation, enabling you to select profitable investments for your portfolio. The final section titled ‘Bring it all together’ will alone be worth the price of the book. Very insightful!”

Gautam Baid
Author of The Joys of Compounding