Björn Fahlén


Björn Fahlén

Björn Fahlén has spent over 20 years in the investing world as an investor, analyst, and financial advisor. Today he is the refounder, principal shareholder, and CEO of Redeye AB, a Stockholm-based boutique investment bank that specializes in innovative growth companies and was founded in 1999. He also leads Redeye’s research product and is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of its fund advisory business.

Moreover, Björn is the innovator behind Redeye’s quality rating system, an investment checklist from which to gain a deeper understanding of the business and its people. It’s a proven, practical tool – one that has been the key success factor behind the Redeye Top Picks Portfolio, which has delivered annual returns of about 40% over the past decade. The rating system is extensively explained in his book Quality First Investing.

Björn received his Ph. L in biochemistry and B.Sc in economics from Stockholm University. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife Maria and their son Uno and daughter Viola. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, playing padel tennis and having fun with his family.

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